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  1. :O
    It’s an interesting pic. I know where this place is.

  2. I can answer this for you, darling Payo!

    I was trying to hook a rope to the moon in order to swing across the ocean and have a picnic with both of you… Unfortunately, I was feeling lazy and couldn’t be bothered going outdoors when I threw the rope to hook the moon. You see the result? I’m just growing silly, lazy and forgetful.

    Aside from my ramblings, it’s a fabulous image, ‘John Doe’! Lofty, like a gothic church… but — just as with churches built to inspire awe amongst the ordinary folk they sought to entice with false promises, so does this image emulate the aspirations to a heaven we can see… It is no heaven, just a rope of promises to scale cut short by an absolute end.

  3. I was missing you, Iryna.
    Hooking a rope to the moon to across the ocean… :O that’s great!

  4. I was going to try to do it last night, dearest Payo… but we had a thunderstorm and I couldn’t see the moon for the clouds and lightening.

    Thinking of you, nevertheless.

    All of my love,

  5. Try it again, Iryna. We are waiting you. We’ll have a picnic and a lot of smiles and good feelings.

    I’ll look at the moon in the sky every night waiting see you to come.

    All my love.

  6. If I can’t get my rope around the moon, I may have to resort to using my broomstick!

  7. I love, women

  8. Oh! I hadn’t seen this until now.
    I think a broomstick could be dangerous, you can try to fly as Peter Pan, so you’ll arrive with us. Take with you a boomerang to play together.

    Kisses to both.

  9. Thank you for your concern, my darling Payo… but I’ve had years of practice riding a broom (so much so that I’m too lazy to use my wings).

    I do think that a giant boomerang would be a great idea: even less work.

    What should I bring for our next picnic on the beach? If you can provide the green olives, I’ll bring the gypsy ham and rye bread. Mangoes and strawberries are in season here at the moment, so I’ll bring a fruit salad.

    I’m looking forward to our next sweet day on the beach of not talking but just enjoying being together. In fact, if you can both ready at about 20.00, I’ll send my boomerang for you. If you can’t make it, send me kisses on the boomerang!!!

  10. I’m going to fill your giant boomerang with all the kisses at 20:00.
    One day we’ll have a picnic on the beach and although without words we will be happy but I’m sure that we’ll start to speak just before to leave the beach.
    The meals you’ll bring are very good. John can bring green olives and I’ll make ‘Panellets’ for that special day.
    (I’m starting to gather the kisses…)

  11. Ah, then when the boomerang comes back to you, it will be filled with warm sand from ‘Squeaky Beach’, starfish I plucked from the sky & our laughter before any words are formed… and fresh kisses from me!

    We’ll catch some fish and I’ll show you how to cook them in the sand… so, we can make to without anything except each other (and, perhaps, some white wine!).

    squeaky beach wilsons prom
    and look at the images!

    It’s only 45 minutes drive from my home. It is the perfect place for all three of us to meet for the first time!

    Hugs, hugs, kisses and more hugs, darling Payo (and Emil)!!!

  12. Oh, I forgot to tell you that it’s a place I used to go surfing regularly. The sand is so fine that, when you walk on it, it ‘squeaks’ under your feet (which is why it was called ‘Squeaky Beach’).

    It’s so beautiful there… just the place for a picnic, talking to ocean and having it talk back to you. In summer the sand is so white that you can’t look at it without sunglasses on… then we can go to Barcelona for evening coffee and tapas (although we have many, many authentic Spanish restaurants and cafés in Melbourne).

    Once you get here, we’ll work out how to spend our time according to how we feel. We can all go to any part of the planet when we want to. Sigh. I’d love to be out with you right NOW. We could lie in the sand… or on a sofa… or on the floor and just ‘be’ together.

    One day, I hope… Some time!

  13. Sigh. It sounds so beautiful, Iryna. Squeaky Beach es the perfect place to have our picnic and cooking fish in the sand. I think that it is not necessary to come back to Barcelona to take coffee and tapas… we’ll be good there. It’s perfect. Sigh again because to spend time according the feelings and go to any part of the planet is wonderful and great.
    One day, Iryna, we three will meet and it will be very beautiful and special.
    I send you the boomerang fills of happyness, an smile that I can’t hold back, a lot of kisses and love to you.
    One day…YES!!!

  14. One day, my darling Payo! It WILL happen!

    Truly, I don’t care where it is. All I hope for is the three of us spending real time together…

    Until then, I send you more hugs and kisses and love in return!

  15. Until then…love…always love…

  16. What is better than love? Nothing.

    Nothing is better than love…

  17. Yes, Nothing is better than love…

  18. MWAH! You both have my love. I have nothing else to give… and there is no better gift (other than spending a day together just being)…

  19. Coming up in December. It’s hot there, no? : D

  20. One day we go to see …
    : D

  21. Spending a day together will be so wonderful. 😀
    Love to both of you.

  22. The hottest day we’ve had so far has only been about 33 degrees. ‘Summer’ doesn’t really start until the end of December. Sometimes we have weather getting up to about 40 degrees before Christmas, but not often.

    January is when it starts to heat up and February is when weeks of 36 to 40 +++ set in. I have my fingers crossed that we won’t have a very hot summer or, if we do, that we have a good amount of rain to go with it.

    Still, if the 3 of us spend our days on the beach we won’t care! Just remember to bring beach umbrellas, plenty of sunscreen, a hat & light-weight clothing to cover your entire bodies. It only takes a few minutes (even in shade) to get sunburnt unless you’re covered from head to toe!

    The best time to go to the beach is in the evenings & at night when it cools off to 30 degrees & we can take a picnic, drink white wine & go swimming in the inky sea!

  23. I think you’d both love it here during those hot summers’ nights. Hundreds of thousand of people sleep on the beaches covering the coast for hundreds of kilometres. It’s always friendly – like a giant carnival – where people meet each other for the first time, share their food, conversations… It has a delicious feeling of humanity just enjoying each other knowing that they will probably never meet again, but it doesn’t matter. Good times and love. Everyone relaxes and you end up babysitting someone else’s children for a little while while their parents go swimming… but there are 50 other adults there with you helping to take care of everyone’s children because we become one giant family.

    I don’t know what the beaches are like around your part of the world. Australian culture has evolved into one which views the beach as a giant playground for young and old. Even new migrants understand this within the first couple of years of living here. We catch fish and cook them in a giant sand ‘oven’ made for whoever joins us under the stars. Humanity at its best. We all become friends and neighbours. Considering how frightened and cynical the world has become the rules of ‘fear’ are forgotten on our beaches. I hope this never changes.

  24. <3<3<3 = MWAH!

  25. Is Wonderful! 😀

  26. All of our possibilities, probabilities and outcomes are, ultimately, suspended by a piece of rope…

    Let’s all hang, like bats, from that piece of rope that is the NOW & love it!

    One day… one day… one day we shall all be together of the beach eating olives that grew too haughty. For now, we are together in the moment 🙂 I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect, Jaja!

  27. Oh, Iryna, you tell us so wonderful things of the life in the beaches of Australia. Here we have lost too much of the life in the beaches. I love this rope, I strongly hung to it so I can feel you and dream different worlds.

    Iryna, I always wondered how is Christmas’s iconography in summer and the celebration. It must be different of our Papá Noel, Santa Claus or Magic Kings….Is your Christmas less materialistic than the our?

    Oh, Iryna, I touch the rope with all my love, it lights and John and you can feel really happiness. Kisses to both.


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