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  1. Great shot! You truly have an enviable eye for composition. Looks like any IKEA anywhere in the world. Where would we be without multinationals and chain stores? What, you think that individual craftspeople have a place? What a frightening concept! I couldn’t cope without one stop shopping. Can you imagine what it would be like if you actually knew all of shopkeepers, tradespeople and such by name? What if we had to talk to them like individuals you know? What if you had to wave and ask how their oldest son was coping with university. Ouch! My head is hurting just thinking about the idea of being part of a community…

    • Yes.
      Cultural standardization gives me some scary …

  2. That which has been lost in thousands of years of intellectual/cultural/historical knowledge has pushed those who understand how vacuous this consumer identity is to the margins. If we don’t fit the prefabricated norm with ridiculous instructions we become marginal beings floating outside as observers.

    Even those who seem to accept this standardised world feel empty, even if they don’t quite understand what it is that is missing… Do they need a new tattoo to demonstrate that they’re rebels? Do they need a new car? Are they drinking the wrong wine at their dinner parties?

    This is now a culture of fear: we are floating in a sea of consumerism where every other human being is a threat. The unknown has always been the most terrifying concept. Considering that we live on a planet where we have so much in the way of social networks and so many methods by which to appreciate each other we are aliens…

  3. Me pareció Excelente post!! Lo cierto es que refleja la realidad bastante bien


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