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  1. Ah, I wish I’d travelled the world like this when I was younger! It would be great for Europe… but not so good for Asia and the Pacific Islands. I don’t mind, though. I did a lot of hiking/walking through those parts of the world. Most of it can still only be accessed by trekking only. Experience life in every moment the best way you can. The world is an amazing place!!!

  2. A wonderful place. I now travel around town with my bike and I’m seeing it with new eyes. My mobility has increased so much and every day I discover new places that never happened after many years living here in Barcelona …
    thanks for being there, Iryna. I feel extremely happy for your friendship. Many hugs!

  3. There is so much to experience and so many ways in which to re-experience existence. Even as I grow old (oh, yes, I’m starting to feel it at 52) there is so much to know, so much to learn that it still astounds me. I will only grow tired of life as my body grows tired from age. I don’t resent that: it is the natural order. On some days, or at different moments, I am a middle-aged woman – on other days, or in different moments, I am a child at heart.

    The most wonderful part of life is being able to share experiences with people you love/who love you. Thank you for sharing your eyes, ears, mind and heart with me. Your images never fail to bring me out of other moods and make me a wide-eyed child again! Big hugs (bugs)!


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