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Estas mujeres de baja estofa discuten porque les molesta la bici aparcada cerca de ellas pero no les molesta la moto aparcada un poco más allá. El fascismo no es tanto soldados desfilando sino esta clase de personas.



  1. I don’t know the full story. There are always two sides. Do you what their story is? Fascism is formed of the opinion that you are absolutely right and the other side is absolutely wrong. Could it it not be that the girl with the bicycle parked it there without thinking of a different context in which she may be wrong? From where I stand in interpreting this image, making uniformed judgements and calling people common (therefore stupid and depriving them of the ability to hold a reasonable opinion) is fascism.

    • If there is a history that I have not had … It is a story of infamy, defamation and harassment of people in the photo (and others) had on my long, making life a nightmare … of which I managed to recover.
      But the history of the bike is a neighbor of the street left his bike there and that upset the women. But if it were a motorcycle had not said anything, there would not noticed it, but neither is a place to park bikes.

        • Iryna Harpy
        • Posted 23 junio, 2011 at 6:27
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        I was simply wondering. Of course, I understand the intent of the image and your statement (which is an astute observation). I do, however, always question what is presented. That is something I have learned from my many years on this planet dealing with reasonable and unreasonable people.

        The first thing that came to my mind is a group of young neighbours who parked their bicycles right in front of my home by chaining them to the stairwell leading down from the upper floor. There used to be 5 to 7 bicycles with their handlebars coming through onto the stairs. I asked them many times to be careful as to how they parked their bicycles because someone could get hurt. Sadly, a friend from upstairs ended up tripping over the handlebars on one of the bicycles one morning on her way to work. She was lucky to only have broken her leg (although she also hit her head when she fell).

        The young people begrudgingly started parking their bicycles more carefully, just as I’d asked them to do. She could have brought charges against them for negligence to cover her medical expenses but did not. When they moved out, 4 bikes were left behind. Over the years, their friends had left them there and no one had even come back to claim them. In other words, we had a rusting junk heap (I knew they weren’t being used because of the flat tyres and spider webs!) left behind.

        • Emilius
        • Posted 24 junio, 2011 at 18:52
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        Oh! Nothing happens
        Is that people really protest because in front – in the photo can not see – opened a social club filipino, immigrants, and those women do not openly insult but are outraged by unimportant things just to annoy them – the bicycle is a of them – …

        • Iryna Harpy
        • Posted 23 junio, 2011 at 6:42
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        I know that the example below is simplistic, but it serves well as a metaphorical counterpoint to the metaphor you have attributed to your image. Please don’t interpret this as being a criticism. It is merely commentary on concepts of ‘truth’ as seems apparent and the ultimately difficult question of where ‘truth’ lies…

  2. I approach and observe with caution. My ears and mind must always be open to all possibilities.


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